Thursday 26 December 2013

Outdoor Living Ideas

If you're looking for inspirational outdoor living products to spruce up your outdoor living space lookno further than Outdoor Living Garden. The guys at Outdoor Living Garden have selected 1000s of great garden and outdoor living products such as outddoor furniture, garden gadgets, outdoor heating and garden ornaments. All the the products featured are selected from reputable online retailers in the UK.  There is also a blog with useful information about garden and outdoor living.

Friday 27 September 2013

Ananyah's Lifestyle Blog

Ananyah is a glamorous lifestyle blogger, who writes about all of the things you'd expect from a member of the "Bloggerati" - reviews of events, food and recipes, products, fashion, entertainment, travel, tech and more. Ananyah's blog looks great, with an attractive collection of photos to go with each post. That's especially impressive because food isn't always easy to photograph well, especially on a consistent basis (although that can depend on the skills of the chef).

Friday 20 September 2013

Nerd Boyfriend

Cute guide for boys who want to dress in Nerd/Geek Chic. It's a popular tumblr because the images are fun, which tends to result in a lot of likes and reblogs from other tumblr sites. As well as catalogue images, you'll find celebrities and stills from films new and old. There's a huge appetite for this type of blog, which can go viral very quickly with just a few good images.

Tuesday 17 September 2013

Espresso Deco Blog

There are a lot of coffee blogs from enthusiasts, shop owners and home baristas. The Espresso Deco blog is a mix of content from various authors. The blog publishers content from submissions from other websites as well as their own posts. A recent notable post is this Buzzfeed-style animated gif post about the process millions of people go through when <a href="">waking up and before having their first coffee of the day</a>. There's a lot of coffee content on the web, but this blog looks promising.

Friday 13 September 2013

Big Pinots

"The musings of a wine-obsessed geek" focuses on the unique combination of wine and technology. With probably every industry wanting to be involved with the online world, David Lowe has made the wine/tech crossover "his turf", covering new digital wine magazine launches, reviewing the "wine version of Pinterest" and embracing new types of website content.
Big Pinots appeal is its writer's curiosity. The blogger looks at technology in an informed way (he works in a related discipline) and has an "early adopter" approach, but is also a true wine "buff", blogging on wine for other websites.

The Great Discontent

This is a creativity blog with arguably one of the best designs at the moment. The Great Discontent's content is interviews with creative professionals. It's a curious thing, because many creative industries have their own "web celebrities", people of note because they seem to produce good quality work, work for recognised institutions or are high profile because they blog or write about their respective field. Presumably The Great Discontent's audience is the peers of these creatives, who may find inspiration and helpful tips, both for work and life, from these interviews. The website is so good-looking, it's hard to not become addicted to reading on a regular basis. 

Friday 23 August 2013

Shabby Chic Bedrooms Blog

Shabby Chic Bedrooms publish advice and guidance on French-style, or "Shabby Chic"-style bedroom interior decoration. The blog is full of articles and posts on what to look out for to make your bedroom reflect your own stylish personality.
The website is quite Shabby Chic itself, with pastel colours and simple typefaces that evoke the Shabby Chic lifestyle. If you're thinking of decorating your own room, or a children's room, in more of a vintage/classic style (with a twist), then have a read of these articles.
You can also find Shabby Chic Fan on Pinterest, where you'll find some really attractive pins from the Shabby Chic interior decor world.